Dmitrii Filimonov-Artist

Born in January 25, 1997

Dmitrii Filimonov was born in Russia, in a small village in the Ulyanovsk region. At a young age he lost his parents and was raised by his older sister. From the age of 14, he began an independent life. He moved to Ulyanovsk, Russia and entered the College of Culture where he studied landscape design. In 2016 he moved to Moscow, Russia and entered the Moscow State University of Fine Arts.

In art Dmitrii addresses the content of personality and self-identification.

His main medium is painting.

Dmitry's paintings are bright and three-dimensional, often using bright colors. The artist is inspired by fashion, aesthetics of circus, clowns, Camp and anime. Therefore, his works are theatrical and grotesque. But at the same time melancholic and modest, although the multicolor and variety of forms may at first tell the viewer the opposite.

Dmitry's work is completely personified. It is about his inner world, self-reflection, the desire to find himself in the picture of the present through the study of his own unconscious, his desires and values. It is a way to escape from incomprehensible and chaotic reality, to create his own universe inhabited by bizarre animals and anthropomorphic characters.


Personal Exhibitions:

2023 «Awakening» /«Lab.Moscow» Moscow, Russia

2022 «Closer» /«Rovesnik bar» Moscow, Russia

Group exhibitions :

2023 «Je ne suis pas arrive»/«Dissolution» gallery Tbilisi, Georgia 
2023 «Sonder»/«Bis art» gallery Moscow, Russia
2022 «Following the Runner»/«Milliart» gallery Moscow, Russia
2022 «The Demiurge Forges His Fate»/«On the Third Floor» gallery Moscow, Russia
2022 «Wow»/«Here on Taganka» gallery Moscow, Russia
2021 «Starfall»/«Here on Taganka»gallery Moscow, Russia
2018 «Miro's Auction Show» / Miro's Antiques House Thessaloniki, Greece 

Art markets:

2022 «WIN-WIN#5»/ Market of Contemporary Art «Winzavod» Moscow, Russia
2021 «WIN-WIN#3»/ Market of Modern Art «Winzavod» Moscow, Russia


2018 «Antique House Miro» Thessaloniki, Greece

Works are in private collections in Russia, Sweden, Greece, Thailand, England, Netherlands